Vaesen – AviMax Forte – Nectar Premium – Lori – 600g


Vaesen – AviMax Forte – Nectar Premium – Lori – 600g

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AviMax Forte Lori Nectar Premium is a balanced and complete diet specially formulated for nectar-eating birds such as Loris, Parrots and Swifts etc. AviMax Forte Lori Nectar is a liquid nectar diet that can be used as a basic menu for almost all Lori’s.

Description: Ingredients: Sugars Plant-based by-products Bee pollen Vitamins Algae Pre minerals and probiotics

Analytical components: Crude protein: 12.50% Crude fat: 0.50% Crude fiber: 1.60% Crude ash: 3.20% Minerals: Calcium: 9.12% Phosphorus: 4.21% Magnesium: 0.08 gr Sodium: 0.05 gr Amino acids: Lysine: 0.16 gr Methionine: 0.08 gr Threonine: 0.11 gr Tryptophan: 0.03 gr Dietary supplements per kilogram: vit. A (3a672b): 4625.9 IU Vit. D3 (3a671): 514.0 IU Vit. E (3a700): 238.0 mg Vit. K3 (menadione 3a710): 7.71 mg Vit. B1 (thiamine 3a820): 5.14 mg Vit. B2 (riboflavin): 12.85 mg Vit. Niacin PP (3a315): 5.56 mg Vit. B4 (choline chloride): 6.43 mg Vit. B5 (d-panthenol 3a841): 19.28 mg Vit. B6 (pyridoxine HC 3a831): 7.71 mg Vit. B9 (folic acid 3a316): 2.06 mg Vit. B12 (cyanocobalamin): 38.55 mcg Vit. C (3a300): 51.40 mg L-carnitine (3a910): 27.31 mg Betaine (3a925): 25.70 mg Choline: 5.59 mg