Terratlantis – Tortum 55 Turtle Tank 55x30x20h cm


Terratlantis – Tortum 55 Turtle Tank 55x30x20h cm


Tortum Tanks

specially for turtles, the Tortum range has four different models that include all the necessary elements for creating a balanced habitat. All of them are manufactured in glass and have a protective glass lid on top. They also include a ramp where the turtles relax. Available in four sizes .

Partial glass cover

Turtle aquarium equipped with a partial glass lid to avoid possible escapes.

ABS ramp

For total comfort for your turtles, our turtle tanks include one or more ramps with small grooves that facilitate the access to the dry zone.

Gloss Finishing Structure

Aquarium with a frame in plastic with glossy finishing for the perfect visual.
Lighting system is NOT included