Terratlantis – Smart Line Terrarium – 45x45x60cm, 14.7Kg


Terratlantis – Smart Line Terrarium – 45x45x60cm, 14.7Kg


Smart Line Range

Best-selling range of terrariums, very good value for money. This range of terrariums made of plastic and glass is available in different sizes and models, offering a great variety of choice to the customer. The Smart Line is a quality solution for your reptiles, providing excellent habitats. These models are also very nice to look at, so they can be combined with any environment. Now available in a new anthracite gray.

New design

Lower profile that opens the field of vision on the habitat and the animal. Also a new anthracite gray colour is available for this range.

Padlock with code

Security padlock with code on terrarium doors.

Safety look on doors

All the terrariums include a safety lock on doors so you can block them quickly and easily.

Air circulation system

Air extraction grids below the doors for excellent air circulation.

Removable front doors

Front doors completely removable for a better maintenance and an easy access to the interior.

Removable cover

The superior cover is completely removable to facilitate the acces to the terrarium interior.