Tabernil – B Complex – Oral Solution – 20ml


Tabernil – B Complex – Oral Solution – 20ml

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Tabernil B complex
Oral solution
Vitamin supplement

Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances of analogue effects:

Vitamin B1670 g
Vitamin B2116 g
Vitamin B6330 g
Nicotinamide1330 g
Pantothenic acid1670 g
Aqueous excipient q.s.100 ml.

The vitamin B complex comprises a group of factors with different physiological actions but closely related compositions. For this reason, it is usual to use preparations which contain the main B complex vitamins.
The deficiency of one of the B complex vitamins can cause infectious pathologies to appear, and can cause paralytic lesions, infertility, decrease of the laying index, problems with the hatchings, weakness of newly hatched chicks, poor plumage, anorexia, anaemia, nerve degeneration and stunted growth.
TABERNIL COMPLEJO B provides the vitamin factors of group B, in the form of an oral solution easy to assimilate and easy to administrate.

TABERNIL COMPLEJO B is a vitamin supplement indicated in those cases in which the need for complex B vitamins is increased, or when there is a suspicion of a complex B deficiency, as well as after a long treatment with sulphonamides or antibiotics. .

TARGET SPECIES: Canaries and ornamental birds in general (parakeets, goldfinches, doves, etc.).

Add TABERNIL® COMPLEJO B to the drinking water, at a dose of 4 ml/l of water. This dose is equivalent to 4 drops per 40 ml of water. Treatment should last 5-10 days.
Prepare treated water daily.

Commercial presentation: 20 ml bottle.