Stendker – Original Stendker Granulate


Stendker – Original Stendker Granulate


Our newly developed “ORIGINAL STENDKER granulate” is now available from specialist retailers! So far, we have always advised against feeding our STENDKER discus fish with granules because, in our experience, there were no granules on the market that were suitable for our discus fish. In more than 10 years of research and development, we have finally succeeded in developing a high-quality granulate that is well tolerated and nutritious for our fish, and we are pleased to be able to present our “ORIGINAL STENDKER granulate”. For more than a year we have been feeding 2 meals of “STENDKER Good Heart” and one meal of our newly developed “ORIGINAL STENDKER Granules” in our breeding farm. We also recommend this type of feeding for the pet trade, as well as for private discus keeping. We have developed our granules to make feeding our STENDKER discus fish easier, as our dry food can also be fed via the automatic feeder, no cooling or ice compartment is required and it is easy to use. Our “ORIGINAL-STENDKER-granulate” can also be fed as a complete food and is not only suitable for discus fish, but also for most other aquarium inhabitants. When developing our feed, we paid particular attention to good tolerance, high nutritional value and the highest quality of the ingredients. For these reasons, we have also used probiotic components, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and many other valuable ingredients to continue to ensure optimal growth and health of our STENDKER discus fish. We hope you continue to enjoy your STENDKER discus fish.

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