Schesir – Cat in Jelly – Specialties of the Sea – Tuna with Sea Bream – Can – 85g


Schesir – Cat in Jelly – Specialties of the Sea – Tuna with Sea Bream – Can – 85g


The very best the ocean has to offer, all in one portioned can! Schesir Tuna in Jelly 6 x 85g is bound to please even the most demanding of felines, particularly those that love fish. It is made with delicious, highly-digestible tuna and each flavour variety is enriched with other natural ingredients.

This Schesir Tuna in Jelly 6 x 85g wet cat food is rich in animal protein and offers species-appropriate nutrition. It contains tender fillet pieces in a delicate jelly. The ingredients undergo a gentle steam-cooking process that helps to retain natural nutrients and flavours. The tuna in this Schesir Tuna in Jelly 6 x 85g comes from sustainable fishing and the packaging is made with completely recyclable materials.

Schesir Tuna in Jelly 6 x 85g at a glance:

  • Premium wet food for adult cats
  • Tuna as the number 1 ingredient: rich in tasty, high-quality fish from sustainable fishing, easy to digest
  • Appetising: tender fillet pieces in jelly, well-accepted
  • Gentle preparation: steam-cooked and hand prepared
  • Cruelty-free: product made without animal testing
  • Various flavour options: available in different fish and tuna choices
  • 100% natural: contains only selected ingredients, with no artificial colours or preservatives
  • Environmental packaging: made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Practical cans: each portioned option contains 85g

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Tuna with Grouper:
Tuna (51%), grouper (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Squid:
Tuna (51%), squid (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Dentex:
Tuna (51%), dentex (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Dolphinfish:
Tuna (51%), dolphinfish (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Sea Bream:
Tuna (51%), sea bream (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Sea Bass:
Tuna (51%), sea bass (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Red Mullet:
Tuna (51%), red mullet (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Yellowtail:
Tuna (51%), yellowtail (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Mackerel:
Tuna (51%), mackerel (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Whitefish:
Tuna (51%), whitefish (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Carrot:
Tuna (51%), carrot (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Pumpkin:
Tuna (51%), pumpkin (6%), rice (1.5%).

Tuna with Salmon:
Tuna (51%), salmon (6%), rice (1.5%).