Purina – ProPlan – Cat Sterilised Chicken Wet Food 85g


Purina – ProPlan – Cat Sterilised Chicken Wet Food 85g



Purina Proplan Cat Sterilised Chicken Multi-Sachets 10 x 85g are delicious chicken chunks in sauce for your cat. It is designed to help maintain good urinary tract health in castrated and neutered cats, maintain a healthy weight and maintain natural defences through antioxidants such as vitamin E.


For neutered cats.

Directions for use

For an adult cat (about 4 kg), give 3 sachets a day.

The needs vary according to the cat, so the food ration must be adjusted in order to maintain it at its healthy weight.


Meat and animal by-products (including chicken 4%), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish by-products, plant-based by-products, mineral substances, colouring oils and fats, sugars.

Analytical constituents: Humidity: 78.0%, Protein: 13.0%, Fat content: 3.3%, Crude ash: 2.0%, Crude fibre: 0.5%
Nutritional additives: IU / kg: Vit A: 1204; Lives D3: 168; Vit E: 342; mg / kg: Taurine: 519; Fe (E1): 35; I (E2): 0.68; Cu (E4): 4.3; Mn (E5): 6.2; Zn (E6): 85; Se (E8): 0.05

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