Purina – Friskies with Tuna and Vegetables – 20Kg – Cat


Purina – Friskies with Tuna and Vegetables – 20Kg – Cat


Purina Friskies Adult with tuna and vegetables is a delicious dry food from crunchy croquettes without any artificial colors, aromas and preservatives.

The delicious cod ensures excellent taste and high acceptance. It is also rich in valuable proteins, which support the natural defenses and can strengthen your cat’s muscles. Delicious vegetables provide the necessary vitamins and minerals, which are important for a complete and healthy diet. In addition, fiber from natural sources can promote good digestion. Purina Friskies Adult with cod and vegetables is a balanced food for every day, which will whet your appetite every time!

Purina Friskies Adult with Cod and Vegetables in brief:

  • Balanced dry food for adult cats with cod and vegetables
  • Crisp texture: delicious, crunchy croquettes can encourage acceptance
  • Important proteins: serve to strengthen muscles
  • Vitamin D & minerals: support tooth and bone health
  • Essential fatty acids: can contribute to healthy skin and shiny hair
  • Balanced mineral content: can promote urinary tract health
  • Rich in fiber from natural sources: it can contribute to a healthy digestion
  • 100% balanced & complete: for an ideal nutritional profile
  • Free of artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives