Pineta – Lori Excel Nectar – 1Kg


Pineta – Lori Excel Nectar – 1Kg

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Food for Lori and Loricoli, including Charmosyna Pineta Zootecnici. Products for Breeders

Lori Excel Nectar

Food suitable for lori, loricoli, including Charmosyna, contains pollen and products of the hive.

It has been studied and formulated with a careful choice of ingredients: it contains pollen, hive products, proteins of vegetable and animal origin with high biological value, vitamins, minerals, glucose, fructose.

It has a low content of vitamin A and iron.

Ways of use:

It is a highly concentrated food that can be administered as it is or diluted in water in the proportion of one part of LORI EXCEL NECTAR to 5/8 parts of water.


Bakery products, products and by-products of vegetable origin, cereals, oils and fats, sugars, seeds, yeasts, minerals, molluscs and crustaceans, egg and egg-based products, natural flavors.

Enriched with whey and casein.

Protein: 25%

Fat: 3%