Pet Joy – Doggy Bagg Strong – Black – Large


Pet Joy – Doggy Bagg Strong – Black – Large

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Dog pillow with a solid coating
Our high-quality water-resistant dog bags with strong surface coating, which are designed to keep your dog bag clean, bright and stain-free. Also, this product is resistant to scratching.
1) Stains are easy to remove: Pre-treated with a strong coating. Due to the special stain removing technology, you can remove it with a damp cloth.
2) Water-repellent fabric: The pillow is water-repellent, windproof and breathing.
3) a Protective layer against moisture and allergens: To protect against mites, skin irritation, and moisture.
4) Hypoallergenic: Provides an allergy-free surface on which your dog can sleep and rest.
5) Breathable: A breathable layer keeps the filling in the mattress dry and allows body moisture to evaporate.


Large = 105 x 70 cm