Oase – Organix Shrimp Granulate – 80g


Oase – Organix Shrimp Granulate – 80g


Granule food specifically developed for ornamental aquarium shrimp.

  • Sustainably harvested
  • Without artificial attractants
  • Optimal protein-fat ratio

With OASE ORGANIX, we present to you one of the highest quality fish foods in the world: rich in natural ingredients, sustainably harvested off the coast of Alaska and prepared with care. Our exceptional food provides the inhabitants of your aquarium with optimal nutrition. We harvest our ingredients carefully and sustainably, with respect for nature and its resources, following the guidelines of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). High-quality ingredients, such as sustainably harvested kelp, are sourced from unpolluted waters off the wild coast of Alaska. ORGANIX foods contain the pure energy of nature that characterizes Alaska.

A natural and healthy basis for everyday life: ORGANIX basic foods provide the aquarium with everything healthy fish need. The high quality flakes and pellets are ideal as the main food in community aquariums and promote the growth and vitality of their inhabitants.

  • Sustainably harvested food off the coast of Alaska
  • Without bait
  • Optimal protein-fat ratio
  • NATURALLY HEALTHY: Main foods made with sustainably sourced ingredients
  • SETS QUICKLY: The pellets sink quickly to the bottom and are therefore particularly suitable for fearful fish and various species of territorial shrimp.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: The best ingredients, prepared with care
  • GOOD HEALTH AND VITALITY: Premium composition promotes growth and vitality
  • PELLETS OR FLAKES: Available in different shapes and container sizes
  • NATURALLY: Free of antibiotics
  • MSC CERTIFIED: The Marine Stewardship Council confirms the particularly careful and sustainable management of nature and its resources


Complete food for shrimp: Feed 1-2 times daily. Raw protein 38%; raw fat 14%; raw fiber 2%; raw ash 11%. Ingredients: Whole salmon, whole shrimp (26%), wheat flour, wheat germ, whole herring, kelp, wheat gluten. Additives: Nutritional additives (per 1,000 g): Vitamin A (3a672a) 14,000 IE, vitamin C (3a312) 800 mg, vitamin E (3a700) 680 mg, niacin (3a314) 100 mg, inositol (3a900) 100 mg, vitamin B2 (3a825i) 20 mg, vitamin B12 50 μg. Sensory additives (per 1,000 g): Astaxanthin (2a161j) 15 mg.