Natural Dog Company – Wrinkle Balm – 59ml Tin


Natural Dog Company – Wrinkle Balm – 59ml Tin

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Wrinkles never looked so good!

Did you know your pup’s face folds and wrinkle pockets are super sensitive? Natural Dog Company’s organic Wrinkle Balm is a patented, all-natural dog balm specially formulated for dogs wrinkles. 

This anti-fungal & anti-bacterial balm is boasting with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients working together to soothe and care for your canine’s wrinkles.


Wrinkle Balm is fortified with gentle, yet powerful plant extracts with anti-fungal properties. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants Wrinkle Balm can support your pups skin folds. We use the highest-quality organic ingredients to help naturally soothe your dog’s skin folds.

This balm is great for around the face and irritated ear folds. It is scent-free, naturally soothing, and helps to diminish disconcerting “stinky face.”

Wrinkle Balm is essential for:

  • Stinky Face’s
  • Dry Skin
  • Itchy & flaky skin
  • Hair loss & balding
  • Unpleasant odor
  • and much, much more!

Keep Fido’s face, folds, and wrinkles healthy & looking good by simply applying the balm a few times a day! Your dog will thank you.


Distract, apply, & reward!

With a distraction in tow (we love training treats or maybe their favorite toy) clean up any excess dirt or debris evident around the area you are about to apply the balm too. Use two fingers or a low-absorbent cloth to apply a generous amount of Wrinkle Balm into skin fold creases. Allow the area to dry (a nice belly rub always does the trick!) and follow up with a treat or play time for a positive reward!

Repeat one to three times daily. Consistent & frequent application is crucial to maintain healthy skin folds that avoid buildup, and foul odors. Wrinkle Balm is even gentle enough to use around sensitive areas such as the face and tail pocket.


Our ingredients are organic, plant-based, and never compromised. With the highest quality and natural properties, these balms are effective, safe, and will leave your pup living its best life! Some star players in Wrinkle Balm include:

Avocado Oil | Nourishing omega-3 fatty acid with skin-nourishing essential vitamins

Rosemary Extract | Powerful antioxidant that helps hair follicles for healthy coat & skin

Olive Leaf Extract | Antioxidant to help soothe discomfort & calm irritation

Niaouli | Antiseptic and overall super essential oil

Natural Vitamin E | Extreme antioxidant & preservative

Remaining essential ingredients: Hempseed Oil, Stearic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Calendula, Candelilla Wax, Coconut Oil