Manitoba – Tropical Big Parrots – 2Kg


Manitoba – Tropical Big Parrots – 2Kg

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A specific mix for all big parrots, very rich in fruit, both in, quantity (20%) and in variety (10 different fruits), vegetables, and legumes (carrots, Chili pepper, peas and fava beans)., This product also contains 5% of Nectar Manitoba.


White Egyptian sunflower seeds, “Marica” sunflower, White sorgus, Buckwheat, Flaked peas, Grapes (Dried fruit), Nectar Manitoba 4 mm, Safflower seeds, Crushed fava bean, Wheat, Crushed corn Barley, Banana Chips (Dried fruit), Peeled peanuts, Oyster shells, Puffed corn, Carob, Giant sunflower, Extruded corn, Apricot (Dried fruit), Papaya (Dried fruit), Pineapple (Dried fruit), Hulled almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Whole peanuts, Carrots (dried), Brazil nuts, Swiss pine nuts, Rose hips, Chili pepper