JBL – TerraWood, Beechwood Chippings – 5L


JBL – TerraWood, Beechwood Chippings – 5L


Substrates suitable for terrarium animals.

To give the terrarium animals a home modelled on nature the terrarium needs to be modelled closely on the animals’ biotope. It is crucial that the size of the terrarium suits the animals’ requirements, amongst other factors. During the set up it is important to have the right substrate, plants, air circulation, lighting and the temperature in the terrarium.

  • For dry and semi-dry terrariums: natural substrate made from beech chippings
  • Evenly sprinkle JBL TerraWood on the floor surface, then spread it.
  • Pesticide-free
  • Also suitable as litter for birds and small pets
  • Package contents: JBL substrate, TerraWood, beechwood chippings