Imac – Linus Second Life Plastic – Cat & Dog Blue House


Imac – Linus Second Life Plastic – Cat & Dog Blue House


Linus Second Life 50 x 32 x 34.5 cm is a spacious plastic dog house made of environmentally friendly recycled plastic.

Second Life Plastic is a revolution in the environmentally friendly production of products for animals.

Imac Second Life items are made of high-quality, recycled plastic and treated household waste.

The products themselves are also recyclable, which means that their production results in significantly lower emissions and a lower environmental impact.

The Linus Transport box has a modern, rounded design that stands out from all other travel baskets.

The baby carrier is made of a special non-toxic material with round vents at the top.

This ensures sufficient air circulation for the animal! The front of the travel basket consists of a sturdy mesh door that can be snapped into four points.

The door can also be completely disassembled, which makes it easier for the animal to get in and out of the carrier.

The open design allows the pet to look outside, which will reduce stress.

Easy to carry thanks to sturdy handles that fit nicely to the shape of the baby carrier, and the basket has four legs so the box remains better.

A very complete, durable travel basket for dogs, cats and rabbits.

– A modern, solid transport box made of non-toxic plastic

– With multiple vents on top

– Equipped with a grille that can be completely dismantled

– With sturdy handles

– Can be used for cats, dogs and rabbits