HabiStat – Leopard Gecko Bedding


HabiStat – Leopard Gecko Bedding

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  • 100% natural
  • Specially developed for Leopard Geckos and other desert species
  • Packed in 100% recylable and boidegradable paper bags

Product Overview:

Suitable for Leopard Geckos and other desert species. A blend of clay, sand and grit provide a naturalistic environment.

100% natural, absorbent and encourages digging.

The blend of aggregates can be found in the Leopard Geckos’ natural environment and are therefore better suited than the standard substrates available.

The mixed particles allow for moisture retention when spayed which create wet areas that would be naturally found in hides or burrows. Leopard Geckos seek out these damp areas when shedding or requiring more humidity so this in turn encourages digging.

Our range of HabiStat substrates are packed in 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper bags.

Directions for Use:
Spread substrate evenly across vivarium base ensuring a depth of 2-3″” (5-7.5cm). Do not overfill if using underfloor heating. Spot clean as required and replace regularly.

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