Ferplast – Superior 60 – Dimensions: 62x47x50cm – Colour Grey – For Dog


Ferplast – Superior 60 – Dimensions: 62x47x50cm – Colour Grey – For Dog

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From the very first moments of their life in a new home, your puppy needs a lot of attention and training: they must learn to manage their own toilet needs or stay in a space that is comfortable, safe and protected.

The Superior folding dog crate has been designed to meet these important needs. Equipped with a divider panel, easily adapts to the growth of the puppy: the separator, in fact, can be moved in order to create the space you want for your friend, according to your needs. Superior is indicated in different situations: to train the puppy at home, to create a safe space within the home environment similar to a den, or to transport your faithful friend in the trunk of the car. Sturdy and solid, it is made of metal mesh with plastic frames and base, has large ventilation grilles that allow excellent visibility of your friend.

The Superior crates are equipped with large openings for greater flexibility of use both at home and on the road. The small Superior 60 model has 2 openings, one on the side and one on the top, while the large models have 3, one on the side, one on the top and one on the front. Furthermore, the roof can be completely opened and removed, convenient because it allows you to pet the dog. The doors, reinforced with a double safety lock, are large and allow easy access to your friend.

The plastic base contains dirt and ensures a dry and stable environment for your friend thanks to the special draining system and non-slip surface. In addition, the bottom is equipped with non-slip rubber pads that keep the box firm to the floor during use.

Superior is also easier to assemble and does not require the use of any tools. Its patented folding system allows for easy portability. For short shifts, 2-3 meters, you will find 4 comfortable rollers on the bottom. For greater movement and with the dog inside, however, you can decide to purchase the L440 4-wheel kit separately, consisting of 2 pivoting and 2 fixed wheels. To further protect your dog, ensuring them privacy and tranquility during transport, it is also possible to purchase the appropriate cover, made of waterproof and scratch-resistant fabric. The Cover is equipped with elastic bands that allow it to be easily adapted to the cage and has roll-up windows on both the door and roof sides of the box.

Finally, remember that Superior is an eco-sustainable product: the plastic parts are in fact produced with a high percentage of material coming from industrial recycling and post-consumption, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

Superior is available in five sizes to suit all needs and dogs of any size.

Superior 60 ideal for very small dogs, adult size up to 6 kg and 30 cm high at the neck


  • Folding crate for dogs
  • Useful for toilet training
  • Ideal for puppy training at home
  • Creates a den-like space for your dog
  • It can also be used for travel by car
  • The divider panel adapts the living area as the dog grows
  • Solid and sturdy, in metal mesh
  • Reinforced doors with double safety lock
  • 3 convenient openings for greater flexibility of use, at home or on the road, (2 on model 60)
  • Completely openable and removable top, allows dog petting
  • Plastic base equipped with draining system for a dry floor
  • Washable base with non-slip surface
  • Bottom with non-slip rubber feet for increased stability
  • Patented folding system for easy portability
  • 4 rollers for short repositioning of the box only (without dog) max 2-3 meters
  • Easy to set up and fold down, no tools needed
  • ECO-SUSTAINABLE: frames and base are made of recycled plastic
  • Made in Italy
  • Optional accessories:
  • 4 wheels kit, L440, for moving on all surfaces with the dog
  • Tender, Tender Tech or Jolly cushion
  • Cover to ensure peace and privacy for the animal during the trip

Available sizes:

Superior 60 ideal for very small dogs, adult size up to 6 kg and 30 cm high at the neck.