Ferplast SAFE – Dog Muzzle -Size : L – Black Colour


Ferplast SAFE – Dog Muzzle -Size : L – Black Colour


Ferplast Safe Large Size is a reinforced adjustable muzzle with soft lining

Indeed, the Safe muzzle is very soft and comfortable for your four-legged friend. It is very easily adjustable in size and length thanks to the nylon straps. The open front allows the dog to drink water but not bite.

The Safe line of muzzles has 5 sizes, as well as a special model specifically designed for short-faced dogs, such as boxers – this is the Safe Boxer.

L Size Recomended For Breeds that Fits good :

Huskies , Labradors , Setters , Malamutes , Golden Retrievers , Doberman , German Shepherds


  • Black color
  • Dimensions: neck circumference 48-80 cm, muzzle circumference 20-30 cm, muzzle length 14 cm.