Farmfood – Dental Bone XXLarge – 48-50cm


Farmfood – Dental Bone XXLarge – 48-50cm

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It is a well-known fact that food residue in the mouth is not only the cause of bad breath, but also causes the formation of dental plaque. This plaque is, in turn, responsible for the much-feared tartar and can become quite severe in the long term, damaging the gums as well; this can cause infections and loss of teeth. Farm Food Rawhide chew bones are firm, hard and fully digestible. Because of the action of saliva during chewing, a natural collagen protein is released, a protein compound created by the body itself. This collagen has the ability to dissolve plaque. Before this tough material becomes soft enough for small pieces to be bitten off, the sanding action during chewing makes for a thorough and visible cleaning process of the dog’s teeth. Because your dog has to chew intensively, Farm Food Rawhide helps in preventing and combatting animal obesity. During the chewing process the brain releases endorphins which give a sense of tranquillity, allowing your dog to relax.