Evolution Aqua – Evo 15S


Evolution Aqua – Evo 15S


Aquarium UV Steriliser

Professional ultraviolet sterilisers for aquariums

Evolution Aqua’s Aquarium UV sterilisers have been completely re-designed for 2021, to deliver even greater performance and improved serviceability. EvoUV sterilisers are made using the latest technology and design techniques with a fully UV stabilised, tough outer casing, to ensure that the water will flow effectively within the unit, allowing the ultraviolet light to damage and destroy algae and disease pathogens as they pass through.

A low energy, electronic ballast is positioned in a fully serviceable, showerproof compartment, with thermal overload protection.The evoUV is simple to install, with universal mounting plates allowing you to fix the unit horizontally or vertically, or at any angle you choose. Your evoUV professional quality UV can be connected to a pump or power filter with flexible hose using the hosetail provided, or you can install the unit using hard pipe. It is suitable for use as part of sump based aquariums, external power filters or pump fed closed loops.

The Model 15S

The 15 Watt ultraviolet aquarium steriliser is suitable for aquariums up to 400 Litres. It has a maximum recommended flow rate of 1500 Litres per hour.

Multiple evoUVs can be connected together, either in parallel or series, to increase sterilisation capability or in order to be effective on larger water volumes or higher flow rates.


ModelMax. aquarium sizeMax. flow rateBulb PowerInlet/OutletFittings suppliedDimensions
Uv15S400 Litres1,500 Litres/hr15W
(1 x 15W T8)
1½”19mm540mm length x
120mm high x
120mm deep


How often should I change the UV bulb of my evoUV Steriliser on my aquarium?

For optimum sterilisation results change the bulb every six months.


Will using evoUV sertiliser make my fish completely disease free?

No. The evoUV can only ever be effective on the water borne life stage of some diseasepathogens. It is not effective on any disease which is already on the fish’s body and doesnot have a mobile, water borne life stage. evoUV can be effective at lowering numbers ofwater borne pathogens and helping to..


Do I need to turn evoUV Steriliser off if combining with medications?

Yes, this is because the Ultra Violet light may degrade the medication being administered tothe water. Read the instructions provided with the medication and take the manufacturer’s advice.