Dog With A Mission – Bling Collar – 2cm – Small


Dog With A Mission – Bling Collar – 2cm – Small

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Bling bling, perfect for any party!

The cheerful golden Bling from the City collection is without a doubt THE best DWAM party-outfit for your dog. Made from high quality leather, only then turned to gold. Your dog doesn’t deserve any less than gold right? The collar is finished with a golden tassel and a panther print bow to make it even more festive! The bow is easily removable. This way you can dress your dog fancy, or a bit more casual. But be aware, this bow is meant for your dog. * Beautiful golden look with a tiger print bow. * Safety first, the collar has a strong buckle and attachment ring. * Made from premium buffalo leather (and no, it wasn’t an actual golden buffalo) * Comes with a removable bow tie. Neck size: 28-34cm.