District 70 – Fiesta – White


District 70 – Fiesta – White

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Surprise your cat with a cardboard toy in the shape of a birthday cake that provides hours of fun! Receiving or giving the FIESTA is a real party.

Would you like to surprise your cat with a cardboard toy in the shape of a real birthday cake? This stylish cat toy is easy to assemble and exists of three layers. The bottom layer of the FIESTA features multiple holes to catch a jingling ball which satisfy your cat’s inner hunter but also equals hours of interactive fun for your playful feline friend. This ball will never gets lost under a chair! The stylish FIESTA is not only the perfect gift for your cat but also doubles as a gift for you too. Unlike many other scratching toys that work well but don’t look nice in your interior, you won’t have to hide this FIESTA stylish cat toy once you have visitors. Dimension; 25 x 25 x 25 cm