Curli – Vest Air-Mesh Harness – Light Blue – 3XSmall – Dog


Curli – Vest Air-Mesh Harness – Light Blue – 3XSmall – Dog

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1.5-3 Kg

26-30 Cm

As an avid outdoor sportsman it was clear to Mark (Product Manager by curli) that Kylie, his Norfolk Terrier, wouldn’t wear a collar. The tension from the leash around the neck can have fatal consequences for a dog. So, he sat down and developed a dog harness, which would distribute the tension in the best way possible. The vest harness evolved step-by-step in a “3D Comfort Fit”, which is suitable for any dog from a Chihuahua to a French Bulldog. By using a vest harness, Mark’s dog Kylie now has a viable alternative to a collar. This product has all the requirements that ensure a dog’s safety and a healthy life in an urban or natural environment. Function & Design Step-in Harness, quick and easy to put on Adjustable in size with Velcro closure, easy to adjust to the body shape Crossed nylon straps for optimal tension distribution and protection against neck injuries Padded buckles and thus no pressure points Stretchable seams for flexible tension distribution Two lightweight rings for securely attaching a leash Reflective elements on the neck for additional safety in darkness