Brit – Care Dog Functional Snack – Recovery Herring


Brit – Care Dog Functional Snack – Recovery Herring

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Herring enriched with Sea Buckthorn


Helps Speed up Recovery After Sports. Enriched with amino acids and vitamins for quick recovery after sports.
Grain free & potato free
Fulvic acids support nutrient absorption
Cantaloupe melon extract as a source of antioxidants
Collagen peptides regenerate the musculoskeletal system. Tyndallized Lactobacillus acidophilus help maintain intestinal tract health.
Made in the EU
WHY SEA BUCKTHORN?The antioxidant-rich superfruit called SEA BUCKTHORN helps fight against free radicals, and its high content of vitamin C, an all-round body booster, accelerates wound healing and recovery.

HERRINGProvides the omega-3 fatty acids necessary for proper cardiovascular system function.