Aquael – Turbo Filter 2000 Internal Filter


Aquael – Turbo Filter 2000 Internal Filter


AQUAEL Turbo-Filter 2000 is a multi-functional internal filter for aquariums larger than 350 l. AQUAEL Turbo combines in a unique way all the advantages of internal filters with the versatility offered by external filters. The additional filter container is filled with biological filter material. However, any filter material can be used. The foam cartridge, which is also included in the delivery, or an additional filter container (optionally available) can be attached to the filter container. It is also possible to combine several filter containers and thus configure the filtration as desired. This is what makes the AQUAEL Turbo Filter so versatile and powerful. Thanks to the large filter volume, the compact internal filter achieves the best cleaning performance. To enrich the aquarium water with oxygen, the enclosed diffuser can be connected to the outflow. The special design ensures quiet operation despite high performance. For example, the filter is equipped with special shock-absorbing suction cups to dampen vibrations that can be transmitted to the glass of the aquarium.

AQUAEL Turbo Filter 2000
+ Internal filter for aquariums larger than 350 l
+ with individually fillable filter tank and large filter sponge
+ various combinations in the arrangement of sponge and tank possible
+ can be expanded by purchasing additional modules
+ suitable for all filter media
+ high performance biofilter medium included
+ adjustable aeration of the aquarium water
+ pump capacity adjustable
+ energy-saving very low power consumption
+ impeller with ceramic shaft
+ rotatable outlet
+ perfectly suitable also for large tanks

Technical data AQUAEL Turbo-Filter 2000
suitable for aquariums larger than 350 l
Pump capacity: 2000 l/h, adjustable
Power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz, 27 W
Max. delivery head: 190 cm
max immersion depth: 150 cm
Dimensions: 10.1 x 12.2 x 32.4 cm
Filter sponge, filter container and bio-filter medium are included
Diffuser and installation accessories included
suitable for freshwater and marine water