Aquael – Platinum-Heater 250W: for Aquariums From 180-250L – 36cm


Aquael – Platinum-Heater 250W: for Aquariums From 180-250L – 36cm


A new generation of glass aquarium heaters distinguished by the electronic precision of the thermostat. Glass heaters have a temperature control in the range from 20 to 33 ° C, maintaining it with an accuracy of +/- 0.4 ° C. They have an intuitive way of adjustment, a ceramic heat radiator and a built-in electronic thermometer.


If you are thinking about setting up an aquarium or want to supplement an existing tank with specific elements, you will find everything you need in the Aquael online store. Our offer includes external and internal filters, LED lighting, aquarium cabinets, decorations and aquarium heaters. These products will provide optimal living conditions for plants, fish and shrimps. The presented assortment is of the highest quality, therefore it guarantees long and trouble-free operation. Order a glass aquarium heater without leaving your home on Friday morning or Sunday evening. Our employees will make every effort to complete the order at an express pace and deliver it to the address provided. We invite!


Aquarium heaters are responsible for maintaining the water temperature appropriate for fish and other underwater creatures. In most cases it is between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius. The offered PLATINIUM HEATER has a range of operation from 20 to 33 degrees and maintains the temperature with an accuracy of 0.4 degrees. An intuitive way of adjustment, a ceramic heat sink and a built-in electronic thermometer are a guarantee of comfort and convenience of use. Hassle-free installation, using a suction cup, allows you to place the heater in a convenient place. The heater is designed for freshwater and marine tanks.

With the One Touch System you will be able to easily adjust the temperature. The fully electronic heater thermostat has no mechanical contacts or other moving parts. This model can work without failure for many years, providing optimal living conditions for various species of animals. The PLATINIUM HEATER line includes as many as 9 models, varying in power from 25 to 500 W, so they can be adapted to the size of your aquarium. The LEDs indicate the current water temperature, you do not need to purchase a separate thermometer, which will save space and money in the aquarium. Trouble-free use and intuitive operation are definitely the advantages of this product. The water temperature is kept at a constant level, adapted to the needs of the animals living in the aquarium.